Trading here with us at PrePlayZone is fast, swift and easy!

You can either send us your list via e-mail of what you would like to trade to:

[email protected]

Or ship your parcel direct to us and we will do all the pricing for you when it arrives, please make sure you put contact details in the box at least e-mail address or phone number as then we are able to contact you about your payment method and cash or trade value!

Either way all parcels please ship to:

DA11 7BD

We are known for our quality over quantity so we only take games that are complete for example includes there original box, artwork, manual, inner tray depending on which format it is and in at least good condition overall.

Formats we take, well to be honest we are huge retro fans also, we will take anything from PS4 and XBOX ONE and back through the years right to the very start including:

Playstation 1, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Master System, Neo Geo, Atari 2600, GameCube, Game Gear, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Nintendo Wii and many many more.

If everything is in Very Good / Mint Condition or New and Sealed we will offer more depending on the rarity of the product! Anything under these conditions above may result in a lower trading price.

Alot of our customers prefer PayPal but we understand not everyone has a PayPal account so we have many method of paying our customers for there trade ins including:

PayPal (instant)
Cheque (several days to clear)
Bank Transfer (instant)
Cash On Collection (we by arrangement)
Cash On Delivery (you drop off by arrangement)

Sometimes we are offered large collection of games and understand listing them out can be time consuming, so if this is the case for you, simply just send us a photo and we will be able to go through it that way, just make sure we can see all the titles names clearly and we will do all the work from there, with consoles please also take a photo of the serial number as there where different models of certain consoles and some maybe worth more than others!

When we have got your list or photo we will then send back two figures one for cash and one for trade as we find many like to swap there products for others we have in stock, once we have both agreed on the price or trade value all you then have to do is ship it to us using MyHermes, they are fast, safe and we always use them ourselves to deliver to our customer!

They have many options too they can either collect at your door or they have many shops that work with Myhermes as a drop off point and are collected from there which we find some customers prefer.

If your trade in comes in with a value of over £50 total we will pick up the postage and this will be added to your total when we pay you or added to exchange value! You will need a printer to be able to print the postage label off.

If your collection is on the large side and within reasonable distance we may be able to collect it from you.

We have many people trading in on a weekly basis and for all different reason, some are scaling down there collections, some are turning there unwanted / no longer played games in for cash, moving and no longer have the room for them, or simply just trading there completed games for something new to play, we started off on Ebay few years back and always had powerseller status and top rated feedback, so you can trade in with us knowing you are in very safe hands.

All cash payments are made as soon as the parcels arrives to us and we will also send a confirmation e-mail or text (if you left contact number) letting you know we have!

Many thanks for taking the time to read about our trade in system and if you have any question please just ask, we are always on hand to help.