Friends Series 8

Friends Series 8

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All 24 episodes from the eighth season of the popular American sitcom. In ‘The One After I Do’ Monica and Chandler’s wedding reception is awash with the rumour that Rachel might be pregnant. ‘The One with the Red Sweater’ sees Monica and Phoebe try to guess who fathered Rachel’s baby. ‘The One Where Rachel Tells’ has Rachel confront the man responsible for getting her in the family way. ‘The One with the Videotape’ finds Rachel anxious when she discovers that Ross has a videotape of the night she and he spent together.

In ‘The One with Rachel’s Date’ Ross is shocked to discover that Rachel is going out on a date with a good-looking actor. ‘The One with the Halloween Party’ has Monica and Phoebe dress up as Catwoman and Supergirl for a fancy-dress party. ‘The One with the Stain’ sees Joey install a nursery in his apartment in an effort to persuade Rachel to stay living there. ‘The One with the Stripper’ has Rachel’s father learn that she is pregnant and decide to confront Ross about his responsibilities. In ‘The One with the Rumour’ Monica invites an old friend to Thanksgiving dinner. ‘The One with Monica’s Boots’ has Phoebe try to obtain tickets to a concert performance by rock legend Sting. ‘The One with Ross’ Step Forward’ sees Ross worry when his girlfriend wants to send Christmas cards featuring pictures of the two of them together. ‘The One Where Joey Dates Rachel’ finds Joey and Rachel enjoying a surprisingly successful night out on the town.

In ‘The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath’ Monica introduces Chandler to the concept of a relaxing bath. ‘The One With the Secret Closet’ has Phoebe perturbed by the noises Monica makes during massage. ‘The One With the Birthing Video’ sees Mona discover that Rachel has moved in with Ross. ‘The One Where Joey Tells Rachel’ finds Joey on the verge of revealing his secret love to Rachel. In ‘The One With the Tea Leaves’ Phoebe has an unpleasant date with a swinger. ‘The One in Massapequa’ sees the friends prepare to attend a wedding anniversary celebration for Ross and Monica’s parents. ‘The One With Joey’s Interview’ has Joey interviewed by Soap Opera Digest. ‘The One With the Baby Shower’ finds Monica trying to make amends when she forgets to invite Rachel’s mum to her baby shower. In ‘The One With the Cooking Class’ Monica enrols in some cooking classes after her restaurant gets a bad review. ‘The One Where Rachel is Late’ has Ross fall asleep at the premiere of Joey’s movie. ‘The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (Part 1)’ see chaos descend upon the hospital when Rachel goes into labour. Finally, ‘The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (Part 2)’ finds Rachel still in labour 21 hours later.


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